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Where should I place JS file and GIF images?

How to integrate the menu and gif images with multi-level web structure so the menu appears on all pages.

Export the menu with "File" > "Export Menu" command. Menu Maker will generate JS file and sample HTML page.

If you use image decoration (with "Menu" > "Image Decoration" command) Menu Maker will also generate 4 or more GIF files.

Place JS file (JavaScript file) in the root folder of your web site.

If you use image decoration copy GIF images with JS file and place them in the root folder.

Simple web site (all pages in a single folder)

Include the menu in all pages with the SCRIPT tag (relative path), for example:

<SCRIPT SRC="mymenu.js"></SCRIPT>

Multi-level web site (pages in different folders)

In this scenario you have to adjust the path to JS file and to GIF files so the browser can find and display the menu correctly.

In all pages include the menu with absolute path:

<SCRIPT SRC="/mymenu.js"></SCRIPT>

Specify path to images with "Menu" > "Prefixes":

Menu Maker v 4.1.4 or above:

Export JS file again ("File" > "Export JavaScript File") so the menu contains absolute path to images

To view the menu working upload GIF images and JS file to the server, absolute paths are not resolved on your local hard-disk.

Use absolute URLs. Relative URLs will not work with multi-folder web site.

The menu will not work correctly until you upload all files to the web server and view the menu at your web site.


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