Choose Insert > Link to add clickable text:

  1. Link bullet
  2. Link cursor
  3. Link text

Link dialog

Double click the link to edit it.

Clickable text that appears on the page

Destination Address
File or page that should be loaded into browser

Small icon on the right-hand side

Blank space between text and border if the link has border

Line around the text

Default font, size and color of all links in the project

Normal style
Font, size and colors of this link if it must be different than default style

Allow tags
Enables > and < signs in the link so you can add HTML or PHP code inside text of the link

Over style
Font, size and colors of this link when mouse is over it.

An example of link with outline, fill color and over style:

Products and Services

Links inside header

You can use text links with text over color instead image buttons to build main navigation menu:

  1. Text link with over style (blue over color)
  2. Main navigation menu

Links inside flow

You can insert link items between flow elements:

  1. Group of items with own flow
  2. Link placed between paragraph item and image item