Use mouse to select and position items. Items will be placed at x and y coordinate, relative to page top left corner.


Click the item to select it, to unselect click outside the item.

Hold Shift to add more items to selection. Draw a rectangle around items to select all items inside the rectangle.


Click the item and drag it to new position.

When moving an item observe the status bar. dX and dY is the horizontal and vertical distance, L,T,R,B are coordinates of left, top, right and bottom edge of the item.

Hold Shift after starting to move the item to move the item vertically or horizontally only.

Press arrow keys to move selected items by 1 pixel. Hold Shift and use arrow keys to move selected items by 10 pixels.

Choose Align > Position to move item to specified coordinates, where 0,0 is in the top left corner of the page.

Stacking Order

Items "in front" overlap items beneath them. In items are in flow, items "in front" will be positioned afer other items so they will be under other items. To move an item select it and choose Align > Bring to Front and Align > Send to Back.


Select 2 or more items and choose Align > Align Left, Align Top, Align Right, Align Bottom to align edge of all items or Align > Align Center, Align Middle to center items horizontally or vertically.

Unaligned and aligned main navigation links


By using groups you can structure your layout and control position of multiple items by moving entire group.

Select 2 or more items and choose Edit > Group. Double click the group to edit items inside the group.

To create an empty group choose Insert > Group or click button. Resize the group to appriopriate size. Double click the group to start editing it. Choose Insert menu to add new objects inside the group.

To break the group apart select it and choose Edit > Ungroup. All items will be extracted and moved outside the group.

Spacing items

Spacing calculates equal space between selected items. Select items to be repositioned and choose Align > Space Evenly Across or Align > Space Evenly Down

Unequal and equal spacing of main navigation links across

Unequal and equal spacing of sub navigation links down

See also: Flow