Use text headings to add titles and sections to your website. For search engines, headings are also hints about the content of the page.

  1. H1 heading
  2. H3 heading
  3. Paragraph
To add a heading choose Insert > Heading or click button.

Heading dialog

Enter the text and choose importance and size of the heading, where H1 is the most important and the largest heading and H6 is the smallest.

Heading size
Importance of heading for search engines

Allow Tags
Enables use of > and < signs so you can add HTML tags inside header text

Heading Style dialog

To change heading font size and font name choose Style > Heading 1, Heading 2 and so on. To keep the layout of all pages consistent, all Headings 1 have the same style, so do all Headings 2, 3 etc.

Face name
Name of font

Google Font
Name of dynamically loadable font from Google collection. This font will be used by the browser to display the heading. The font is visible only after you preview the page in the browser. Otherwise Face name font is used. Also, in the design view, google font is not visible. You can set both fonts as a fallback. In case the Google font is not available for download the Face name font will be used.

Font size
Size of letters

Thickness of letters

Skew of letters

Font color
Color of letters

Space before
Distance between heading and items above it when the heading is in flow

Space after
Distance between heading and items below it when the heading is in flow