Each website contains one or more pages. Each page is exported to separate .html or. php file and uploaded to the server once you publish your website.

The list of pages is visible in the left pane. Click on the page name to change currently viewed page.

The default page is indicated by home icon. Usually the default page is named index.php or index.html. This page will be opened by the browser, when no page name has been provided in the address field. For example if the address is the actual page displayed will be

Website > New Page
Adds a new page. You can also click button.

Website > New Folder
To change the current page click the page in the list.

To rename the file or the page or move the page to different folder choose Page > Rename/Move

Check Center on Surface if the page box will be centerd inside the browser window, otherwise it will be aligned to left edge.

Check Fit to browser to span page background to 100% of the browser window.

Click Background to modify page texture and gradient.

Click Padding to specify space between page edge and contents inside the page. This appplies to "flowing" items only.

Click Borders to modify page edges.

Click Header/Footer to specify shared elements of your website. Header is displayed above the page and footer is displayed under the page. To edit the header or the footer double click it in the design view.

See also: Master Pages