Search Engine Optimization

Choose Page > Title and enter the description of your business. The description will appear under your link on the search results page. You will appear among other results so type the text that encourages users to click on your link.

Use the following tips and tricks to increase your rank in search engine results:

Analyse Keywords

Visit to verify which search phrases are most important in your case. Try few phrases relevant to your activity or business.

Use Title

Choose Page > Title and reword the title of your page. The most popular search phrase should be part of your title.

Use Headings

The search engine builds the overview of your page by analysing headings. Double click existing headings and modify them or choose Insert > Heading and add more headings. Put exact search phrase in the largest heading. Put less important search phrases in smaller headings.

Keyword Density

Avoid overuse of keywords in the text of your page, if you use them too much the search engine will consider the page as search engine spammer. Your keyword should appear around once for 50 other words.

Rename File

Choose Page > Rename

Get Backlinks

The more pages link to your page the more important your page will apear for search bots. Ask other webmasters to add links to your home page.

Get Domain

Buy a domain relevant to the most popular search phrase. If you sell Widgets, the domain would definitely give you very high rank in search results.