By using built-in styles you can keep consistent look of all pages of your website.

Default font dialog

Choose Style > Default Font to specify face name, size and color of normal text.

Face name
Name of normal font

Font size
Size of letters

Thickness of letters

Skew of letters

Font color
Color of letters

Space before
Distance between paragraph and items above it when the paragraph is in flow

Space after
Distance between paragraph and items below it when the paragraph is in flow

Always use popular font name, the default font should be installed on visitor's computer. Otherwize browser will try to substitute default font.

If you have dark background use white font color, otherwise use black.

Default space before and space after applies only when the paragraph is placed in the flow.

  1. Space before default font
  2. Space after default font
  3. Paragraph with default font (Georgia, 10pt, Black)
  4. Text with local font style (Arial, 9pt, Gray)
  5. Heading

Local style

Local style overrides default font text style. Select a text item or text paragraph and choose Item > Set Font

You can modify one or more properties, changes will apply to selected item only. If you leave the field blank, settings from the default style will be used.

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