To add a paragraph choose Insert > Paragraph or click button.

  1. Default paragraph font
  2. Custom formatting of text fragment inside paragraph
  3. Drag this handle to change column width
  4. Spacing between lines in percents

Paragraph Dialog

Double click paragraph to edit it.

pastes formatted text (with font size, name) or unformatted text (clear text without any formatting).

adds bold, italic, underline effects or change color of selected text.

deletes all style information from selected text and reverts it to default font.

makes font of selected text smaller or larger.

makes selected text of predefined size

adds link to selected text

inserts bullet

inserts special character

Examples fo special characters:

Line Height
Changes space between lines of text

Defines outline around text

Blank space between text and outline

Default font of entire text

Color or gradient fill under text

Space between text and items adjacent in the flow

Short Text

To add a short text like for example form labels choose Insert > Text or click button.

Preformatted Text

Preformatted Text is displayed with monospaced font so it's suitable for balance sheets or other information formatted with spaces.