Login dialog

If no login information has been provided you will be prompted to enter login information. You can obtain these data from your hosting provider.

Username and Password
FTP login information

Name or IP address of your web serevr

FTP port usually 21

Desitnation folder
Directory where html files should be placed, usually /public_html

Click this button to remove login info

Uploading modified files

To publish your website online choose Website > Upload

You can click "..." to select the destination folder.

The default folder is "public_html".

This is the root folder of your website. Files uploaded to the root folder will be visible online under your domain for example http://www.website.com/

Uploading files with your FTP client

You can export website files and upload them manually with external FTP program.

Choose Website > Export to Folder and select the destination directory.

Forcing all files upload

Choose Website > Upload All to send all files to web server, regardless if they have been modified or not.